June 9th, 2012



It's Saturday and I am meant to be gardening, but it is raining off and on so am trying to catch up with LJ and even popped onto FB ... this before lunch in the hope it clears after lunch.

So, how are you all?  Having a fun weekend - I do hope so.

I said I popped over onto facebook - well I snagged this from ooldgreymare.. even if you have never owned a horse, think of your 4 legged friends ... And for those who are pet-free, spend a moment to think of my Jaykub.  Sadly I wasn't with him when he died, although that does mean my memories of him are all happy ones.  My best friend and her daughter were with him (as well as his 2 best pny friends) ... I still miss him, 9 years on.

RIP Jaykub

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Ow - look of shock on face

Gardening Is Dangerous

....... With the bad weather I only managed about an hour's work - but in that time I got stung by thistles and stinging nettles ... and bitten by loads of tiny black ants (I'm allergic to them!) ... and then just as I was coming in I got stung by a bee (so I now stink of onions, as that is Mum's cure for that ... it did take the pain away!)

Off to mumble my way to a shower ... and then a cup of tea!
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