June 8th, 2012

K9 & Cyberman

My Holiday - Day 3

Having spent Tuesday afternoon walking round Living Coasts (see last holiday entry!) we had a less exotic walk on the Wednesday.

There were a couple of other reasons, as well.

Firstly Mum and Dad had a friend over for lunch. She was in Torbay on holiday and wanted to visit. It was a nice time - the lady in question is the second wife of Mum's sisters x-boyfriend!!!! When Auntie Marion started going out with Uncle Fred it was Mum who wrote the "Dear John" letter .... as Auntie Marion said he didn't need to know! (That was in 1943, and she kept in contact every since (until his death 5 years ago)

Anyway, Annemarie and I took Jiffy for a walk in Stover Woods ... do you remember, I went there with him and Christine last month ... so,Collapse )

Then in the evening Tim & Claire came over. Tim had last seen Annemarie in 1986 ... but both agreed that neither of them had changed.