June 6th, 2012

James - Rock On!

The Beach Boys

Wow, I have just heard that The Beach Boys are going back on touur ..... 51 years after their first hit. I just love them and hadn't realised that "we" are the same age!

Just had to share my favourite -

And a more typical song -

Spuffy - Buffy's face + Spike's hand


I have either become a Hindu ... or the paint is fighting back (showing I am doing the decorating!).

I have a large cream blob in the middle of my forehead.

(NB - now is not the time for the man of my dreams to ring the doobell!)
Aw - James.

My Holiday - Day 2

I did warn you I would end up leaping around as I uploaded the pics.

This was the Tuesday, and although Annemarie is not a fan of visiting places, she loves "critters" ... Jiffy was a firm favourite, of course.  So, on the Tuesday afternoon I took her to Living Coasts which is part of Painton Zoo ... but is actually on the edge of Torquay Harbour.

The weather wasn't promising for an outdoor venue, but we had dry weather the whole time ... so it was great to wander around, and take photos. I took over 100, so they are not all here! But I do have the link at the bottom of the mini pic-scam for the album if you want to see more.

Overall I loved the Macaroni Penguins the best ... Having not seen them before -


Collapse )

Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.


100 Meme - Film #10

One story has been placed on film at least 3 times and has had a TV series on it. I love all the film versions, starring Leslie Howard, Anthony Andrews and David Niven. However the one here, which is my favourite stars Leslie Howard as The Scarlet Pimpernal

A great story of a British nobleman going to France during the civil war to rescue aristocrats from the guillotene.

Here is the star quoting the poem of the same name, and showing why he wasn't suspected as the dare-devil who was doing the fighting.

James - actoring theories

100 Meme # 1 - 10

As I have been a bit disjointed I thought I would do a link page every 100 films ... that way I don't feel bad if I miss a few days.

1 - Moonshot
2 - Guys & Dolls
3 - The Longest Day
4 - Star wars
5 - The Jungle Book
6 - Hello Dolly
7 - Where Eagles dare
8 - Some Like It Hot
9 - Gone With The Wind
10 - The Scarlet Pimpernal

I bet most of you knew all of those, or had at least heard of them ... the next 10 will (I hope) be totally unusual, yet still favourites of mine!