June 5th, 2012


Diamond Jubilee ... & A Mini Meme

Wow what a Bank Holiday weekend.

Yes, I waved my Union Flag (I had one on the car as well) ... it was great to wach the events, although sad to see the weather turn as it did (but to be expected in England!!).

I watched all the River Boat Pageant ... great, despite the weather. Saw all the concert, the last half I watched with Mum & Dad ... and watched the service this morning and the carriage ride this afternoon.

So proud to be English.

One of the bands, Madness, at the concert, Monday night.

(Yes, on Buckingham Palace!)

So, now I am back in Exeter and tomorrow another day "off" .... but I want to get some decorating done. I am about 1/2 way through my bedroom so want to get that mostly finished, if I can.

Now I have a meme snagged from kudagirl  and a promise that I will be a better friend again ... post my holiday pics, and get back on with my 100 meme.

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