May 31st, 2012

Good Luck

LOL - I Have A Question!!!

I have just knocked over a load of stuff (suprise, suprise), while moving things in my decorating frenzy.

Anyway, the thought - one thing to crash to the ground was a 3-way mirror.  I broke the frames completely ... but not the mirrors.

Does that mean I now have 21 years good luck coming!

Just Believe - Josph from V

100 Meme - Film #9

The first book I ever read without stopping (well, only to go to scvhool) ..3 nights sleepless nights!

Gone With The Wind  was a book that was filmed and won 10 oscars in doing so.

Everyone has heard about it, full of big name stars, memorable music and a time in history that is no more. A story of adversity, war and love. A film that has a sad ending, yet I for one hope that they do get back together.

Having written this and watched the above trailer I must now dig the film out and watch it again (complete with tissues, of course.)