May 30th, 2012

Adventure before dementia

RL Is Trying To Take Over ... Again!

Annemarie left a week ago and what have I got to show for it?  Not much.

Still Dad is doing well, and feeling more relaxed.  Mum is slowly feeling better, as well.  Having Dad ill really "mucked" up her healing, but that seems to be slowly progressing.  I spoke to them both yesterday, and will tomorrow as they both have doctors appointments.  Jiffy has also been to the "doctors" as his skin is sore again.  I personally think he was just jealous of eveyone else!

In the last few days of my holiday last week I didn't get much done - spending time at hospital took some time, and I had actually got sun-burnt on Tuesday.  I had been in Exeter Cathedral with Claire for a couple of hours (pics to follow) .... then as I drove home I had the car window open ... and 1/2 hour later (ouch!)

On Saturday I got some gardening done for Mum & Dad and hope to get some done over the next long weekend (when not sitting in front of the TV waving my Union Flag!

Then back to work ... and it's as if I hadn't been away!  Trouble was the spare time over the last couple of days has been washing and ironing.  I had hoped to post this last night but went to Bible Study (a group I have just joined, mostly people from work, of which the rest are Philipino) ... and one had bad news over the weekend so things got extended.  So I was late for the right reasons!

Now today - I have got washing on, bread machine on and done a bit of decorating.  I now have to go out to collect some chaires for my garden that Tim & Claire have given me.

I haven't forgotten my 100 meme and will get back to that hopefully tomorrow!

On a positive note I am re-watching Vampire Diaries from the beginning and falling in love with Damon all over again (points to icon!) ... and now my Media Player is playing some good songs.

So - have I missed anything.  I won't be able to scroll back otherwise I shall get sidetracked!  So please point me in the right direction.  I shall go back this evening and answer comments .... Hope you have all had a great week.