May 23rd, 2012


Didn't Make It Back!

Spent most of today in hospital with Dad (this time).

He had a nose bleed that we couldn't stop, so I took him in. 

Sky High Blood Pressure meant that it was, in part, a good thing.  They eventually packed both nostrils and admitted him.  So Mum and I went this evening and he looks a little bit happier ... well, at least more comfy and we are being positive that he is in the right place to get answers about his BP.  It had been going up a bit and I was getting annoyed with his doctor, so this means he will get some proper answers.

So, I shall have  a few minutes skim through LJ, and then spend some time with Mum as I don't want her BP to go up as well!  (The hospital doesn't have adjoining beds!)
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