May 11th, 2012

Spike - with white frame

Observing 12/5/2012

Mass Observation - Recording Everyday Life

I haven't done this before - but having seen this in curiouswombats Lj, I thought I might this year. Seeing as I am 1/2 a century old, isn't that worth recording about my life!!

For those who have not seen about it - Go to this link

So, if I get it done I will post what I scribble here as well ... so I can bore more people!

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Spike talking.

Countdown Till Annemarie Arrives

.......... And I have only just told Mum & Dad that she arrives this Sunday!

I got here earlier than expected as Mum has been really poorly this week, with heart problems.  I got another phone call this morning from Dad (who forgot to put the phone back on the hook) and I couldn't phone back, so they let me go home early from work.

Mum has an infection, plus heart irregularities.  Add that to Annemaries visit and she was remarkably OK about me taking over the cooking, shopping etc for the time of her visit. 

My early visit meant I could get down to the shops this afternoon, so I have done a load of shopping in readiness ... tomorrow it is cleaning the house, and more gardening.

Annemarie gets to Heathrow Sunday lunchtime, and has a ticket booked to Exeter, where I shall pick her up, but over the last week the immigration has been bad.  She is hoping, being a dual national to use her Swiss passport to make life easier.

We were last together in 1994 at friends in Colorado ... so have a "bit" of gossip to catch up on!

This evening I want to get some Star Trek icons completed, if I can ... so a chance to "relax" before my busy day tomorrow.