May 7th, 2012

James - Rock On!


I have just done a couple of hours of gardening for Mum & Dad ... not my favourite of tasks, but I have to be honest, Mum & Dad are no longer able to do it ... so I want to help them .. so I gat muddy! Jiffy helps supervise me, and I have music to keep me company.

I will admit my mp3 amused me ... at one point it went from Elvis Presley singing a gospel song, to The Ramones, and then to Beethoven's 5th symphony. All favourites of mine, but what a brain jump!

As I was coming in, just now, for lunch ... another favourite that I thought I would share!  (The one before that I had been my favourite James one!!)

Happy (Bank Holiday) Monday everyone.
*group hugs*

Adventure before dementia

Blakes 7 Icons

I have actually had a good weekend and managed to finish quite a few of the tasks I wanted to do.  So that was good.

Mum & Dad have not been at all well, so, although Annemarie arrives in a weeks time I haven't actually told them.  I am taking the time so I can cook etc, so M&D don't have to do a thing.  If I had told them they would worry, which is not a good thing for either of them at present.

Anyway, I also managed to complete a set of icons ... for round 20 of season20in20, and this month I was doing season 2 of Blakes 7.  Here are my 3 teasers -

Photobucket     Photobucket     Photobucket

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