April 27th, 2012

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For those who don't follow my icon journal at d4s_icons  .... I thought I would link you to these 2 pages.  I make a few icons for some small competitions, and here are the entries from the last few months!  (Nothing was a winner, btw!)

BtVS & AtS

3 teasers -
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The set of 32 is here

Star Trek Voyager

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The set of 40 is here


Buffy - season 1

BtVS Season 1 Continues ... With A Painful Episode

One of the "problems" I have when I decide to re-watch a series is that I tend to not want to see certain episodes.

I am re-watching 3 series at present and with Stargate I am skipping an odd episode, but with Blakes 7 and BtVS I am being a good girl and watching them all ... even those that I don't want to.

In doing so it makes me see bits of the overall story that I would have missed and had forgotten, so I must be positive and continue.

In my BtVS re-watch I am at one of those episodes.  I don't like it ... and a lot of the problem is that it addreses the problem of bullying.  Buffy was a great series in that they did deal with a few issues that are taboo ... yet occur far too often in real life.

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Yes, I was bullied ... and no, the person never realised, or acknowledged that it happened.

Yes, I had support from my family - although that did give me a security blanket that to this day is hard to escape, as the family are used to making decsisions for me to help me.

Life was hard - is hard for those who are bullied ... and the bullies themselves become very hard people who don't take others feelings into account.

To a degree I have forgiven those at school - but those years have shaped who and what I am ... and continue to do so.  However, maybe those steps are what led me to today, and my friends here ... so maybe, in a  perverse way, I should be thankful  (although I doubt that will happen!!)