April 26th, 2012

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That Was Depressing!

I have made a real positive note over the last couple of weeks not to procrastinate.  And so far I am doing well.

I am actually clearing my bedroom ready to paint as the matt mushroom colour is quite depressing!  So, as I had some of the tangerine colour left from the study I am using that on half, cream on most of the rest ... and maybe a bit of bright orange! 

Today I have the day off as Christine is coming over after lunch, to see the house and then we are going to go into Exeter to do some shopping ... or a wander round.

I must take some pics!

Anyway, so far the title doesn't make sense, does it? 

Do you remember when I was out of work I swam twice a week - doing 30 - 35 lengths each time.  Well, I went again today.  After all, I'm on my feet all the time, it shouldn't be too bad ... 7 lengths in and my bad leg starts going numb.  I struggled to 10 legths, which I shouldn't have done as I wondered if I would ever get out the pool again!

Anyway, that's sad - but I shall keep going, every week.  (Yes, I'm stubborn)
Adventure before dementia

A Word Of Warning!!!!!!!!!!!

Snagged from edenskye- on his FB page!!

Vodka and ice will ruin your kidneys
Rum and ice will ruin your liver
Whiskey and ice will ruin your heart
Gin and ice will ruin your brain
Pepsi and ice will ruin your teeth

There you have it

Ice is LETHAL.

Warn all your friends – Lay off the ice immediately. You could save a life.

And, don’t forget what it did to the Titanic.

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Exeter Quay

Rather than wandering round the shops, as the sun was shining, Christine and I decided to walk along the Quay ... potter in the antique shops ... and have a cup of tea and a cake, of course!

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