March 14th, 2012

James - my name

I Has Pictures!

I am meant to be ironing ... but decided a mini pic-scam was needed instead!  So, if I had rumpled uniform tomorrow, it's your fault!

Last Saturday I was in Bude for the Orchestra concert (Here is the programme)

It went well - and we had a good audience. However, at the end the conductor said he had a few words to say ... Yes, he gave thanks for all the hard work I had done over the 20 years that he had been conductor, and said that he was missing his "right hand man" ... I was pleased that if it had to bedone, then he was the one to do it. Barry is the one person who has always chatted, and over that time we have met and beaten some great challenges. Yes, I miss orchestra ... but they gave me 25 years of memories, and as a leaving gift, I had a 6" model of a clarinet - plus this wall plaque, which just made me choke. It is Barry, btw, who gave me the nickname of Debris.


I had a bouquet of flowers - and here you can see them on my coffee table in my lounge ... also showing more pics on the wall, and what part of my house looks like -


I said that I bought some flowers ... well here they are in tubs, along with the tubs from Bude. The large square one in the bottom picture (at the top/back) is my Jaykub rose bush.



Spike talking.

A Fandom Meme

Last week (or was it the week before), I said that I would "play", so asked spuffy_noelle for some questions .... and these are what she asked me

1) Top three favorite villians.
2) What's the last movie you saw (in the theater or otherwise), and how did you like it?
3) What are your favorite ships to read fanfiction about?
4) Favorite Buffy episodes.
5) What book are on your "to read" list?
6) What fictional character do you most relate to?
7) Which brother duo do you prefer - Klaus & Elijah or Damon & Stefan?

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That was fun, to be meme-ing again.  If anyone wants 6 fandom questions, then let me know and I will ask!

James - silhouette

The Beach Boys

I am writing some long overdue letters and have my computer playing randomly ... loads of James, so that is good.  But the track that I do want to share is one of my all time favourites - In my room, by The Beach Boys.  I love their music, but this song is just very special, isn't it?