March 2nd, 2012


Here I Am Again ..........

......... Another hectic week - a few more boxes sorted, and 4 shifts worked .... so very productive.

I alao spent Monday afternoon & evening in Bude ... opticians, tea with Toni and orchestra practice.  After 25 years on Monday evening rehearsals it seemed weird to not go over the last few months ... so it was nice to be back, even if it felt I had never been away.  1 more rehearsal next Monday - then a concert the following Saturday.

So, how have you all been?  No way will I be able to check - so if you have any news, please let me know.
James - Rock On!

I Am Getting Old!

On Thursady I was just having a coffee break and there was a mention of the passing of Davy Jones - the 3 others in the room all said "Who?" ... I said - "Oh you mean on of The Monkees" ... and there was this blank look!

I used to love their show - and still love their music ... So, for any who asked "Who are they?" .... Here is one of my favourites - Daydream Believer ... with clips from the show.