February 10th, 2012


Hi - It's Me!

Yep, I'm back for a couple of days - Miss me?

So, have I missed anything?  If so - let me know?

I shall be updating later today - but want to scan a bit on LJ ... nothing much though.

See you soon!
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Jiffy - painting


I just had to share this picture of Jiffy showing off one of his latest Christmas pressies ... he needs it this week! It was taken for this weeks "purple" challenge on photo_scavenger  I may not be doing the daily challenge, but have managed to do their weekly one this year (so far)


Dr 10 - with sonic screwdriver

Catching You All Back Up To Date

At long last I get time to catch you up with my week.

I have finished the bathroom ... all I am missing are a couple of shells that I had in my last place ... they are still in one of my boxes.  But, I am happy - and it feels great - especially after the white with black floor, small washbasin and dead/leaking shower and bath.  So the aching muscles are happy that they were killed in a good cause.
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On Tuesday I had the day off as my new sofa was coming - a leather one (that I forgot to photograph) ... so the day was spent decorating the study - and boy was I tired at the end of the day.  The sofa had to come in via the back door ... which meant going through next doors garden, as I don't have a rear access.  Luckily the gate is still present.  Ionically I was only wondering when that would be changed, when I realised that it was vary handy that day ... and as the neighbours were in I could ask their permission to move furniture through the back garden!

As I said I was busy painting .....
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My other breakthrough is that I have organised my internet - However, I have to wait till the end of the month before the phone line gets laid to the house .... and then they think it will be another week before the internet goes live.

So, it's coming along, slowly. But I really am feeling the it's "my" place now. My next project is to organise my bedroom - I think the spare room will still have stacked boxes for some time - as I have loads of photo albums, so may get some more bookshelves made - that depends on the bank balance though! The extra plumbing bills were unexpected.

So, that's me up to date ... tomorrow I must do cleaning for M&D as well as shopping - it's mum's birthday next week.  But, tonight, I shall try to get a few BtVS icons made.