January 15th, 2012

With James

30 Day Meme - Self Portrait

Wow another weekend half way through - back to Exeter to night as the plumbers I told you about yesterday are coming early!

Church was good - we finished with a chorus that I first learnt when I was 9 and it's amazing how singing it brought back memories of the location. Nice when you get triggers of one thing leading from something else - music is very powerful, isn't it?

As you now know, internet use will be limited and last week my friend kudagirl  sent me a link to a 30 day photo meme someone on her list is doing. I told her I would do it next month. However, I am going to do day one today!

As you all know, I hate having my picture taken, but had to go in one of those photo-booth thingies yesterday ...Collapse )

In England photo ID driving licences came in years ago, but as my present one was (and is"clean") I never got it replaced. Now I have to change the address I have to send in a photo - so, that was the reason. I was told I had to have a neutral look on my face - I think I look as if I am fed up instead. It's horrible and will be on the licence for the next 20 years ... unless DVLA reject it!

Anyway - it is Day 1 ofCollapse )

The rest of the meme will follow as and when, with recurrent links as I go.

Happy Sunday everyone.