December 10th, 2011

James - Exam time

Christmas Dickens - Autographs

After the readings, it was time for us to have our autographs.  We all had a Christmas Card, which James was willing to personalise, or, as I chose, another picture.  Other autographs could be bought, but I decided to put the extra money to a photo, so just one picture.

As ever, I can't ever think of much to say to him.  He always replies to whatever you say, while signing.  So, men, if you say you can't multi-task, I use James as a perfect example of being able to do that.

I did ask him if he was going back to USA immediately, but he said it would be a couple of days.  I gave him a double dice, as I said that he very rarely had a chance to visist museums, and I had seen that the previous day at The Science Museum.  I had bought him a couple of books, for a Christmas pressie, so 2 sets of gifts for him!

As ever, I had last years picture printed, for James to sign (thank you for voting).  James said it was a lovely picture, btw!!!


So, now I have new pictures with James, he will have to return ... and I promise to ask him a question while with him!