November 29th, 2011

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RL Is Hectic ...

This is really just a word of warning that I shall be around - but not as often as I am normally.  When I am in my new place I don't have the internet, so it's a case of looking on the phone and trying to keep up that way.  I shall be 366ing to finish the year, but that will only go in batches, as that can only be done when I'm at Mum & Dad's.

The house is "great" ... full of boxes!  There is more to do than I had expected, but there again, that is to be expected.  I have decided to use that as a positive ... that way the place is truly mine.

Tomorrow is back to Exeter, more boxes, then work ....


Well a day and a half in London doing museums ... then Saturday ... Hi to some of my friends .. well, and James!

Will keep in touch ... then bore you all next week!
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2011 - Day 333

When I got in from work today it was a case of sorting things out and in and out of the front door to put things in the bins ... or my car to take to Mum & Dad's.

Again - out the front door ... showing I live on a bus route (towards the city centre)

2011 - 333
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10 Icons!

I have done the icon meme loads of times, but 2 different members of my f-list has given me 5 different icons.

I am up to date with all my icon-making, and am doing less than normal in the 20in20 competitions, as life is hectic.

So, behind the cut are 10 icons chosen by spuffy_noelleand pamsblau

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