October 12th, 2011

Spuffy - Buffy's face + Spike's hand

2011 - Day 284

I was so tired when I got in yesterday I didn't turn on Dad's pc ... sorry.  But I did take this yesterday, honest!

It is of the Exeter end of the M5 ... the road I go on for 2 miles to get to where Tim & Claire live ... and I park my car. 

2011 - 284

And, for those who wonder, I didn't get out the car -- I am on the "hard shoulder" ... and took a rapid picture!  It didn't come out as great as I hoped - I just love how the orad sweeps round, and is "in the air".


Extreme Sheep LED Art

Whether you have ever watched Sheepdog trials, played old fashioned video games, or never look at You Tube .... Give yourself a treat and watch this. Truly stunning ... and weird!