August 20th, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday


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I hope that you have a wonderful day, James, and that the coming year sees your dreams coming true.

Thank you for all the enjoyment you have given me ... your acting has led me to shows I wouldn't have watched. 

I have come out of my shell enough to travel to see you in RL ... something I never thought I would ever do.   I have made friends through your fandom that are very special to me.

I have used my love of BtVS to actually write (something I was told I would never manage) and through my involvement of that and LJ, I have begun to learn computer art - again something I was told I would be too handicapped to do.

So thank you ... for more than I can say.

May God Bless you and give you an amazing future.
All my love,
Deborah xxx
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2011 - Day 232

In a break in the pouring rain I took time out from cleaning to drive to Trago Mills (in Newton Abbot) to look at the price of furniture ... and shoes.  Didn't buy either, but did get some blank CDs and DVDs so I can put a couple of things on disc.  So that was positive 


Now, back to finish the housework (while something is downloading ...!!!)