August 13th, 2011

Spike talking.

Restarting My Fightback With A Meme

At long last I am trying to get my brain in gear ... even if my body is still debating the brilliance of that idea. I am no longer tired, but still feel as if I have a tight band around my lower ribs. I have 3 days more of penicillin and then should be back to work. So, I'll see how the next couple of days go, but hopefully that should be fine (fingers crossed!!!)

I have a few memes to catch up with - including 2 of the Q&A ones, but thought I would start with this set of questions I saw kudagirl do a couple of weeks ago ... hope that it will spark som brain cells!

Collapse )

Well, it will soon be lunch - Mum is a stickler for timing!

Hope you are all having a good Saturday.

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2011 - Day 225

I finished the Escher 1000 piece jigsaw and am about to pack it away -
2011 - 225

I have chosen the next one to do ... a slightly easier one, this time. It's one Mum & Dad bought me for my birthday ... and being a real hoarder, I think I have most of the things in the picture (although they are at present boxed and waiting their new home)

2011 - 225