July 29th, 2011

Spike - LiveJournal

Yay - LJ's Here

Looks like LJ is back - I got withdrawel symptoms!

However when I managed to sneak in for a few minutes I saw that some people were still around!  It makes me determined to stick here - how dare people muck us around ... most on LJ are "normal" (I use the term loosly!!) people who want to keep in touch with friends!

Anyway - just in from work and posting this (I hope) ... if LJ is OK I shall catch up my 366 post later .... so stay around and wait to be spammed!

*hugs* you all tightly.
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Happy Birthday

Birthday Misses!

Unfortunately, with LJ acting up I missed a few birthdays.

I am sorry, even though technically it is not my fault!


All special people – I hope that you did have wonderful birthdays ... and that this year will bring personal, and special, pleasures to you all.

*hugs* you all

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Harry Dresden

2011 - Day 208

Wednesday was a great day in that I worked on a late ... no setting the alarm clock for 5.30am! I dropped Dad off at the doctor’s then went to Newton Abbot to buy something – only to find the Medieval Church Tower was open to the public ... free of charge. I went with camera, hoping for a view of the town, but did get to see all the 8 bells instead!

2011 - 208

2011 - 208

And – before heading to work I went to the bookshop ... Yay! Jim Butcher’s Ghost Story (and half price) – so I bought my essential item.

Do Not Disturb - James!

2011 - Day 210

As I walked into work I took this picture. It is one of the back entrances, near the dialysis unit. I worked on the renal ward – and it is great to actually be able to take my morning cuppa outside for 10 minutes, and sit on the seat.

2011 - 210