July 18th, 2011


2011 - Day 199

In Bude today, doing the last bits of packing ... well, it has to be as the removal van arrives tomorrow to put everything in storage.

However this afternoon I went out to say a Farewll to Perry (who is buried in the garden of the house that was Mum & Dad's) ... and then I parked and walked down to one of the fields that belong to the Holiday Complex I worked at. I hadn't been back since Toni and I left ... but had to go today to say a Farewell to Jaykub. There were ponies in the adjoining field, but where he had died was quiet - and I could stand with a few special memories.

This is the view of the actual house of the complex ... because a field just looks like a field!

2011 - 199 

btw, the picture in the icon was taken in about the place where I parked my car this afternoon!


TV Meme

Well I'm packed ... except for the tea bags and kettle, of course! I heard form the movers that they will be here 9am-ish ... so that means no hanging around! (I hope)

So I have some spare minutes I thought I would meme as most of my started icons are on Dad's pc ... So, I snagged this a couple of weeks ago from raven_mcbain  and now have time to play!  I know I still owe kudagirl her answers ... but, guess what, I'm still stumped (10 out of 10!!)

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them. Don’t cheat!

1) BtVS
2) Star Trek, Voyager
3) Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman
4) Vampire Diaries
5) Blake's 7

So, I listed these befor looking at the questions ... honest ...

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