July 2nd, 2011


Birthday Thanks - You Guys Are Truly Special

At long last I get round to thanking you all for making my 50th birthday a truly special time.

The actual day I had a "lazy" one - with Mum, Dad & Jiffy.  In the morning I opened my pressies .... from them, and from friends that I had kept (aren't I a good girl!!) .... and then went out to lunch.


It was a nice Carvery - and a lovely meal.  In the afternoon Mum had shopping to do, so I was Taxi-service!  Then tea ... salad and cream cakes .... what more could I want.  Then the evening was fun as we watched "Carry On Cleo" ... not completely a documentary, I think!!!   But I enjoyed it!!


You have already seen one of the lovely pictures that kudagirl made me ... here is another -


Collapse ) Those certainly made my day.

And I also had this lovely greeting from illuminated ... Thank you -

Collapse )

And, last, but by no means least, I had PMs, comments in other posts and messages on FaceBook from -

crimson_newmoon  teragramm dragonflylady77 fenchurche auntiero ukchrisp aa_eve_aa  deborahw37   kazzy_cee  yumimum  ubi4soft curiouswombat bitche always_jbj  missus_grace  quiet_rose90  hell0kittyangel   littlefootlll  mad_brilliant_  and the first ever LJ friend - cryssiemarsters 

Thank You Everyone 

I shall be posting pics of the family some time next week as I'm out of time.