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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
June 25th, 2011 
06:09 pm - 2011 - Day 176
James with Halo!

Been a busy day today - after a lazy day yesterday! All the family are here tomorrow, so I have cleaned the house and done some gardening ...as you can see, Jiffy now thiks it's time to play! Sorry boy, but it's your bathtime as well!


06:16 pm - Fly-By Thanks
Thank You ... James!

I haven't got time to thank everyone for all that they did to help me make yesterday a special day ... I shall update next week on the whole weekend. 

I have the best friends - Thank you all

However I can share you one of the lovely pretties that kudagirl made ....Sorry, but just couldn't resist -


I was thoroughly spoilt by family and friends ... champagne and cake ... along with flowers and ice-cream ... and my beautiful pictures that kudagirl made me.  Full details (and all the pics) to follow.

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