May 31st, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday -


Happy Birthday I know that you feel you shouldn't celebrate your birthday - but it is great to remember another year - especially as this last one has been so special for you.

Have a great day - and hope the coming year is wonderful for you.

James - singing the blues

2011 - Day 151

Don't know what other hospitals do, but R. D. & E. spend a lot of time cleaning ... including once a year the whole hospital is "bombed" ... it's done ward by ward, with everyone being moved to a spare ward ... leaving an empty one. Then 4 days of cleaning ... then we return patients to the original ward!

A complete muddle today - and this is what a section of ward looks like without patients!

2011 - 151 

The missing beds are returned so they can be cleaned, as well.  After I took this photo I went round collecting up cups, oxygen tubes etc for rubbish and/or re-cylcling.