May 30th, 2011

Capt John - pattern in corner

2011 - Day 150

Another grey and damp Bank Holiday ... but I was working!  The picture isn't great and is taken from the door area of the ward I was on, looking down on one of the many gardens I've commented about ... gives an idea of what I mean ... I hope!

2011 - 150

Stargate - View

Episode 1 - Stargate

I have had the DVDs of series 5 - 8 (incl) for some time, but recently bought season 1 ... and years after seeing it for the first (and only) time I have re-watched the first episodes.

They were great - and wonderful to be reminded of the original forming of SG1

I think its good to see all the episodes sometime ... and must re-watch Buffy soon (even non-Spike seasons!)