May 28th, 2011

Spike - ever changing

Another Icon Challenge

I know, I'm mad ... but I decided to do another couple of on-going icon challenges.  This set runs for a year and is about filling up a Bingo Card.   And is called year_of_chars 

I bet you can't guess which character I chose!  Yes, Spike!  Anyway, the bingo card is below the cut ... icons to follow in a post, as they have to link back ... so this is just so my friends know how mad I am!

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Spike - face + body + my name

Spike Icons

 So, here are my 5 icons for the month of May for year_of_chars  ... will admit it's great to be playing with Spike again!

          Family       Looking Up      Profile
Character 100Character 100Character 100
       Reading             Sad 
Character 100Character 100