May 24th, 2011

Adventure before dementia

2011 - Day 144

Back in Bude for the day ... and having a frustrating day where everything is taking longer than planned.  I had to drop some stuff off at a friends, and roadworks diverted me ... a pretty road, but slow!  This is as I'm coming back to Bude ... the town, and The Atlantic in the distance.

2011 - 144

Adventure before dementia

Torchwood Icons - Tosh & Owen

This set of icons was made for scifipair20in20 and I used Tosh and Owen from Torchwood as my prompt. 

Overall I found this a hard challenge, as the prompts were done in a different fashion from others that I have done this month.  So I sincerely hope that the images I chose suit the promt I was aiming for!

Anyway, here are the three teasers -

Round 20 - SciFi Rairs     Round 20 - SciFi Rairs     Round 20 - SciFi Rairs

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