May 12th, 2011

Jiffy - painting

Jiffy Update - Day 2

He is home form the vets and very tired ... a long day for him, although apparantly he was both well behaved and happy all day ... and wanted hugs from everyone there.

Anyway, Marni wants him to have specialist surgery - the leg is not 100% aligned and is loose when he's unconscious.  She couldn't do the op herself - which is good and bad.  Good that she is referring to someone "better", but bad as Jiffy loves her!

Mum is concerned about the concept of an op, but as it turns out his skin condition has flared up again so he's back on antibiotics for 10 days, which gives us that time to think and decide.

He is very dopey at present, but hopefully a nights normal sleep will sort that out for him.

Thanks for all your love and hugs ... I've read them all to him, so that will cheer him up!
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