April 29th, 2011

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Wedding Meme

Snagged from cbtreks  .... Royal Wedding Meme!

How to determine your Royal-Wedding-Guest Name: 1) "Lord" or "Lady" 2) the name of one of your grandparents 3) your first pet's name 4) (insert hyphen here) 5) any word from the name of any school you have attended 6) "of" 7) the street you grew up on I am Lady Lucile Candy-Axford of Park Court. Post your answer in the comments if you're so inclined.

My result is ...

Lady Victoria Perry-Coborn of Corbets Tey

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Just A Couple Of Thoughts.

First of all I must thank mrsbarrowman for my hat for my profile - a safty measure against aliens ... brilliant, Thank you.


Yes, I did watch the Royal Wedding - and enjoyed it ... and, as my 366 showed, Jiffy watched some as well!  To me it was a great blend of personal and Royal - a lovely scene and proof that a cynical world loves the concept of marriage ... and our Royal Family.

Yes, "her" dress was gorgeous - although I do wonder what Prince Andrew's 2 girls were wearing ... in my opinion they were the losers in the fashion stakes.  Great to see Prince Charles kiss The Queen when she arrived at The Abbey (and Camilla kissed Prince Philip).   I swear Prince Harry gets younger, but great to see both The Queen and Prince Philip looking so well when in their late 80's.

I think everything else has already been said, but I was glad to be part of the billions who watched the event.


While at work, one of my pleasures has always been working with people, and in 2 shifts I saw both ends of the human spectrum this week.

On Tuesday I worked in Maternity and held an hour old baby for the first tim,e ever ... yes, the only babies I've ever held were Nick and Tim when I was only a kid ... so that was a "challenge" ... for the first time ever I had a fleeting wish that I had become a mum at some point!  One of the mums there was a 22 year old (with her 3rd child) and there was already Social Services involved.  I found that sad until I went into her room to re-fill water jugs to find the baby in it's crib ... Mum had gone for a walk.  So many people who would have loved to have had children (and I have 2 friends who are in this catagory) ... and then this happens ... my heart went out to the baby.

However on Thursday I worked on an amputation section of the hospital, and one man who was waiting to have further surgery was in tears as he was missing his wife after 6 weeks in hospital .... they celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary later this year and he wasn't ashamed to say he loved her ... and missed her.  A sad story of his health - but so positive to see a public admittance of love.


Well, I've rambled on a bit - Hope you are all well ... and that you have a great weekend.