April 22nd, 2011

Cross - Paid in full

Happy Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.

A day off for many, but for Jesus the day He showed He is the Son of God.  He was crucified (a cruel death) for the world ... anyone who believes He died, and He rose again can have an amazing eternal relationship with Him.

But Jesus also showed personal love, as His mother and friend were there watching.  In His time of pain, He looked after those He loved ... as you see by the reading -

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I hope that you take a moment to remember why we have Good Friday, a day forecast in the days of the Passover ... and remebered by millions around the world today.

Have a wonderful day ... Mum has gardenning for me to do!!  (Any volunteers??)


Woodland walk

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I said that a couple of weeks ago I went to Nicks and Andrew took a few pictures, again. Not many this time as the boys started playing football. Anyway, I turned these into icons ... all are snaggable, as ever.

1. Photo by Andrew   2. Photo by Andrew   3. Photo by Andrew   4. Photo by Andrew

5. Photo by Andrew   6. Photo by Andrew   7. Photo by Andrew   8. Photo by Andrew