March 24th, 2011

Buffy - with sword

2011 - Day 83

I hate having my photo taken (well except if next to a certain someone!) ... but I got Mum to take this today when I got in from work, so you could see what the uniform looks like - it makes me look fat!! (And, I've lost a few pounds!!) ... what with that and my squiffy eye ... not great, but am still sharing!

2011 - 83

Don't know what Florence Nightingale would have made of it!

PS - I'm not allowed jewellery, so the bracelet goes back on as I leave and I forgot to remove it for the pic (it's a magnetic Copper one)

James - buzz cut & name.


I was going to write something long and profound about me ... my faith ... my work ... etc ... but RL has taken over.

I really love the work, even after the shift I had earlier!!!!
And I can honestly say that the Bank Office have, so far, been great about booking me a shift per day ... not weekends ... so full time work, but on days I want.  Considering a hospital runs 24 hours a day, it's great that I don't have to do unsocial days and times if I don't want to (although it is a slightly higher rate of pay - so I may do an odd shift, anyway!)

My only complaint is the 7.30am start if the earlies, which means I leave Mum and Dad's at 6.25!!!!  My brain is still getting round that idea ... as is Jiffy, who doen't like early mornings!

Anyway - life is great.

Must get some icons done for a couple of small competitions!

btw -
If any of you have 5 minutes, go and vote at wts_icontest  here ... you will see how stunning some of the work is that's around ... and how many uses of the colour Yellow they could find (I set the challenge this week, so although I did 4 examples, none of mine are in there!)