March 12th, 2011

Adventure before dementia

James Marsters Interview

I know that most of you will have seen this article at San Diego LGBT Weekly ... but for those who haven't, here is the transcript ....

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Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday - Bude Orchestra has a concert later, and seeing that we have to wear black, maybe I should wear my Ghost Of The Robot T-shirt (that I got off eBay last year) in honour of their Gig tonight!!


2011 - Day 71

Later today we have our concert, and as I had to go out and buy flowers for the soloist, the leader and wine for the conductor, I thought I would go via the venue.

Back in the mid 20th Century this was the junior school (7 - 11) ... but about 1985 they built a new one, and this was turned into a venue - small and large rooms.  The main hall seats 250 - 350 people ... although we will only expect a few less than 100 tonight.