March 3rd, 2011

Jiffy - head tilt!

Spring Is Sprung

As you can see in my last 366 picture, we have the beauties of Spring around us, at present ... so after taking that photo, I thought I'd take a few more in the garden itself, so you can see some bright colours ... you may even spot a 4-legged invader!

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And, last but not least - Thank you very much petzipellepingo for the head phones ... Mum and dad won't have to listen to my stuff now, if they don't want to!

James - I'm a fan

Charlemagne Bolivar Icons

This is my first set of icons for this month (well the first 20 in 20 ones, anyway) and are for Round 13 of scifi20in20 My subject was Charlemagne Bolivar ... for those who don't know I mean the character James played in Andromeda!!

For the catagory set, I had to learn a new phrase - Trope ... this is the link for the Andromeda ones.

Here are 3 teasers - 

Round 13 - sci fi     Round 13 - sci fi      Round 13 - sci fi

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