March 1st, 2011

Ow - look of shock on face

2011 - Day 60

I have just gone and signed on for the rest of my training shifts this morning.

Before that I went and had the first (of 3) of my Hepatitis B and MMR jabs. Let me assure you that if you hear of a child that cries when it has it's MMR, don't be suprised - they are sore.

They also checked for a BCG (TB) scar, and because they couldn't find mine, I have to go for testing at some point!

2011 - 60
Spike - face + body + my name

The Meme Of The Moment

I'm at Mum & Dad's now till the end of the week - I'm hoping I'll hear that I have a shift as soon as possible .... as I am not earning money sitting playing on the computer ... but mainly because I want to get my training done, while I still remember the bits I've already done!!

Anyway I have been tagged by teragramm for the meme that's going around .... I am meant to tag 8 people - but I think most of my friends have already been tagged - so, consider yourself tagged if you haven't already been "got" by someone else!

1. Make a list of 5 things that you can see without getting up.

1. Jiffy
2. Dad's study Bibles and books
3. My bedroom
4. A mug of tea
5. 3 clocks!

2. How do you style your hair?

Short - easy to cope with ... in other words, no styling needed.

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