February 22nd, 2011

James - Rock On!

Ghost Of The Robot

Taken from GotR FaceBook page, yesterday -

Ghost of the Robot
Today, In Honor of Presidents Day and Steven Sellers, we're back in the studio, cherry wood guitars and all... This time, we're taking our time.

So I'm pleased to read that - although would be even happier if I read that James was starting work on his 3rd album ... Or that both were happening ... yes, sorry to say, but when it comes to James I'm greedy!

WTS - James


Firstly I decided I ought to "give something back" ... I have had loads of support from you amazing people over the last year(ish) that I have been playing with graphics.  Added to that doing various comptitions, so when one of the smaller groups asked for a co-Mod I thought I ought to volunteer ... and they were mad enough to take me on.

So, any icon makers who love assorted sci fi, check out this weeks entry at wts_icontest   here ... and if you know any friends who may be interested, point them this way, as well.


Also, am I the only one who seems to get asked to re-submit entries etc.  For some bizarre reason LJ has spent the last 2 days telling me to re-click, re-enter etc!

Oh well - I'm still glad that LJ exists, even when it's being a pain!

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Adventure before dementia

2011 - Day 53

It was a lovely morning - so went for a walk. While doing the training, and if I get the confirmation, I have to walk a mile each way t my brothers, where I can park the car (saves £8!) ... so thought a walk would be nice.

I walked along the canal, for a short way, inland. This is where, in the late 19th century, the lifeboat was stored.

2011 - 53
OK - James

OK - You Can All Say It ....

.... "Told You So"

This is a one time offer for you to say that to me!

Squeeeeee - I passed - yes, just heard that I have confirmation that the rest of my training (which will be part-time to begin with, but paid!!!!!) starts this Monday!


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