February 21st, 2011


10 Things Meme

DAY 1: 10 Things about you
DAY 2: 10 Things you love

DAY 3: 10 Things you hate

1.  Bad manners.
2.  Arthropods!  In other words, insects, spiders ... anything with toooooo many legs!
3.  Getting my face wet ... if not actually holding onto something!
4.  Cycling.
5.  People who are two-faced.
6.  Soap operas.
7.  Horror - stories/films etc
8.  Cruelty.
9.  Dirty habits.
10.  War.

And, as lupina78 has already listed for herself - sometimes I don't like myself at all ... which is (I know) a terrible thing to admit to.

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Spike - face + body + my name

My Training Course Update

Well, here I am back in Bude, for most of the week - catching up with things, and enjoying the peace, as well!

Before I start I want to say, again, that you have been brilliant!  The last 9 months, and especially this last week, has made me realise what great friends I have - how much love and support I have received.  It has truly helped me to get through these days ... Thank you.

The course went well - when I stopped shaking and feeling sick!

3 days of classroom stuff, they were really full-on days.  Yet, as I already said, we all were able to laugh together ... the age range was from 18 - 50 ... 2 guys (one of which was called James!) ... and from a wide range of backgrounds.  A lot of the time I felt that things were a bit muddled (comes from doing a 4 year course last time!)  We were shown things, talked about things - and then told "it would make sense when we were on the wards"!

The next 2 days were ward work + classroom stuff - 7.15 - 5 ... in other words, very long days.

On day 1 I was in a  Gastro ward - a Medical ward - and spent the time making beds, learning how to give bed baths (and even to shave) and it was a male ward.  The cleaning, and the amount of gloves you wear were confusing, but I think I coped by thinking - put on gloves ... remove, wash hands ... new gloves!!!

The second day was a Surgical ward, female patients ... those who were on Vascular, Thorasic and Plastic treatment.  I also ended up wheeling a bed from one end of the hospital to the other ... and without making the patient sea-sick!

A week off this week - and wait to hear if I passed!

Then (providing all is OK) a day of Induction next Monday, then Tuesday (bizarrely) my Hepatitis jab ... plus blood test to see if I'm a carrier for anything!  We've all done 11 hours on the wards - so we should have held our breath!!!!

It's bizarre, but if all goes well I have 3 supervised shifts to do, then 5 unsupervised - then I'm a qualified Auxilliary Nurse! Then it's "Bank" work - and hope I get shifts ... a good number, plus places I like!


2011 - Day 52

When I got in last night, it was to find this waiting for me - the conductor writes up the programme notes and I type them up onto one sheet of A$ ... that's despite the fact I'm the treasurer, not the secretary!

2011 - 52