February 10th, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday ...

alwaysjbj     ....  Have a great day -

Birthday Graphics

Thanks for all your beautiful artwork that you share with us all .... here's hoping that the coming year sees the inspiration continuing ... and that your dreams come true.

James - my name

2011 - Day 41

Just a wander through Bude (twice) to tell the Job Centre I'm on a course next week - Have I moaned about how unhelpful they are .... which is why I had to go twice!  The form they gave me to fill in was the wrong one, so I had to go back again to gtet different details! 

Still got to have a bit of exercise on a damp day!

2011 - 41

OK - James

Assorted Sci Fi Icons

This months set of icons for round 12 of scifi20in20 were a bit different, having no set theme ... although the observant may notice that my Category set has a "bit" of a theme going on. Hope you enjoy them.

Here are the 3 teasers -

Round 12 Sci Fi 20     Round 12 Sci Fi 20     Round 12 Sci Fi 20

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The TV shows used are - Andromeda, Blakes 7, Caprica, Dr Who, Farscape, Star Trek Voyager, Thunderbirds, Torchwood and V