February 3rd, 2011

James - London 2010 - double image

James - London City

Just seen this link from last weekend ... James singing my favourite of his songs (plus reminding us why it was written) ... as he said most of his songs are about his wife ... this is my favourite and was pleased to hear it again.

All I needed was to see he had played "Fall of Night" and I would have been super-happy this morning!

Tea + Hope

2011 - Day 34

I have just had "THE" most stressful experience - went to make a cup of tea ... no tea bags ... went to the cupboard ... no spare ones!

Life is tough, let me tell you ... amazed I remembered to pick up my camera on the way to the shops.

2011 - 34


Dr Who Icons

Here's another set of icons ... some good challenges, although I got a bit lost with the Cat set ... still I shall submit them as they are ... and say I'm happy with the rest!!  They are for round 17 of whoverse20in20 ... and do not contain anything from the last Christmas special.

Here are 3 teasers -

Round 17 - Whoverse     Round 17 - Whoverse     Round 17 - Whoverse   

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