February 1st, 2011

Adventure before dementia

Q&A Meme

A lot of the time when I see the Q&A memes around I wonder if they are worth doing, as I'm pretty open about life.  Anyway I asked 2 friends to see if they could find me 5 things to ask ... and they both managed to find some really tough questions for me.

lupina78 asked me -

1. What was your most interesting/adventureous journey ever?
2. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would that be?
3. Tell me your most favourite Spike-scene (both Buffy and Angel count of course)
4. What kind of books do you read? (I remember seeing a beautiful bookshelf in one of your pictures)
5. Favourite song of all time!

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strikske asked me -

1 I asked it of luckster25 but want to hear your answer: Your question to James if you could ask it in person?
2 I will tweak the question about favorite Spike scene and change it to least favorite.
3 If you where given the oppertunity to play a duet with James (you don't have to sing but only play an instrument) would you?
4 If you could give a no money costing gift to someone what would it be and to who would you give it?
5 If you could make a movie what would it be about and besides the male lead (I know who that is going to be *gg*) who do you want in it?

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If anyone wants to play ... just ask and I'll give you some questions, although I can't guarantee they'll be as awsome as thes ones!

Adventure before dementia

2011 - Day 32

Not as bright earlier today ... although the sun is now shining.

I went swimming today, and stopped on the way home to take this view. Its in Stratton (the other (and older) half of Bude) ... This is the main road all traffic comes down on their way to Bude.

2011 - 32