January 31st, 2011


2011 - Day 31

I had to pop out to post a card today - and haven't we got lovely bright weather.  This is the river on it's way to the sea, and looking to the left is where the banks are.  This Pub (small building) is one of the older properties in Bude, at 1536 ... the villages on either side of the town are older than that, though.

2011 - 31

Rabbit Photo!

This is cross-posted from photo_scavenger  in case you wanted to see this week's theme.

When I saw the theme I didn't think I would post ... then I remembered this.  It is a promotional Bunny from Duracel, and I won it in a competition in 1980 ... with batteries the paws play the drum.



The blue ribbon is nothing to do with it - but was tied around my Diploma when I qualified as an osteopath in 1983! 

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