January 29th, 2011

James with Halo!

2011 - Day 29

There are many people who can say that they have had the same hairdressor for 49 years ... but that is true for me. I may have short hair - but it's quite thick, so this was the kitchen floor this morning!

2011 - 29

Well, I did say some of the pictures would be super-random!

Thank You ... James!

Puppy Thank You

This is a bit of a fly-by post as dad has been busy on his computer most of the day ... but wanted to grab a chance to say a big Thank You to my lovely puppies that are on my Profile page ... Thank you  kudagirl    petzipellepingo    jaded_jamie  and motherbatesss

I have memes to do as well - but looks as if that will be next week when I get back to my pc before I get a chance to play.

Hope that you are all having a great weekend.

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Good Luck

James Is Married

Have just seen the news that James has announced that he and Patricia are married - don't know when, where etc ... but just wanted to pass on the news, for those who didn't know it.

I pray that he will be truly happy ... that this will bring him the real peace, love and support that he deserves.

Have a truly happy life ... and hoping that the day itself had been really special.