January 1st, 2011

James - thinky thoughts

The 366 Meme Poll

I have decided to do the 366 meme again .... What do you think?

This poll is closed.

What do you think of a year of pictures?

Brilliant - I love seeing bits of your life.
Great - I can look at ones I want and ignore the rest.
Up to you - I never read your junk anyway!
Oh No - not more SPAM!!
Go ahead - it's your journal - but couldn't you learn how to filter me out?

Whatever the answer will be - you'll get picture 1 in a minute anyway .... as I've already taken it!
Jiffy - sleepy

2011 - Day 1

Whether or not this is photo 1 of my meme - it is just a great picture of a New Years day morning - a late night and fireworks - now we have to have a lay down on the nearest comfy bed!

2011 - 001

Hope everyone else partied as much as Jiffy obviously did1