December 24th, 2010

Christmas Tree + James

How To Cope With Zombies Over Christmas!!!!!

Yay - Christmas is rapidly approaching - I still have one more pressie to buy (but I know what it is!), I have to hang around here till lunchtime to sign-on, then back to Mum & Dad's .... for 10 days!

However I have another Christmas video for you - yesterday there were two, but here is today's offering that I have snagged from my zany friend act3scene1 

How to cope with Zombies over the Christmas time ... a must for us all to watch -

And lastly, but by no means least, a big thank you to deborahw37 for my cutie teddy that's now sitting on my profile page - that really cheered me up (I needed him this morning ... thanks Deb)

Christmas - reason for the season

A Few Christmas Thoughts

Thank you cordykitten for my teddy - he is lovely sitting on my profile, now ... and thank you pfeifferpack for your lovely e-card ... really special.

Both jaded_jamie  and pfeifferpack have talked about their belief in Christnas ... so just wanted to say a couple of things myself.

Most of you know my faith is 100% who and what I am.

Christmas is the birth of Jesus ...................Collapse )
However, whether you believe in God, or not, I hope that you have a super time with family and friends ... because it is days of fun that you remember when times are tough.

Happy Christmas, to one and all.

Love and *hugs*