December 15th, 2010

James - singing the blues

Computers!!!! ... But I Do Have A Zombie Music Meme as well

What a morning!  One of those times when I got up with plans to get a lot done.

So, started by my normal check e-mail, check LJ ... then thought while I had breakfast I would do a scan + defrag ... then noticed my anti-virus had managed to delete itself!  So, in re-loading that I managed to disconnect my pc from the internet, although according to all the lights, etc it was still working.

So, I restoed the pc back 3 days .... and had to re-load the anti-virus again!

So, 2 hours later than planned I'm back at my now scanned and functional pc to get some icons finishe - and to look at my fic.  Yes, it's my fault that there hasn't been an update.  The next chapter has been back from mabel_marsters  a couple of weeks, and I haven't opened it!

As I'm meant to be doing a lot of "stuff" today I thought I could do a music meme while I worked - so I snagged this from enigmaticblues 


Put your media player of choice on shuffle.
I don't have any Christmas songs loaded, btw.

The first song is the overall theme for the Apocalypse 
          The Show Must Go On - Elton John

The second song is the one that plays during your first zombie kill
           Truth Is (a heavy stone) - James Marsters

The third song plays while you're getting chased by a Horde 
           Hound Dog - Elvis Presley

The fourth song plays when you're forced to kill your loved one 
           Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

The fifth song plays when you find your new love interest
           Young Americans - David Bowie

The sixth song plays when you make your final stand 
           Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley

The seventh song plays when you (think you) make it through it all
           Falling Down - James Marsters

The eighth song plays when you discover a bite mark on you 
           Button Down Vandals - James Marsters


That was, as ever, fun!  And, yes, I did get 3 of James' songs ... I didn't cheat!  One or two of those answers really did fit, didn't they?

So, now I must look at my fic, and see how much work needs to be done!