November 16th, 2010

James - Rock On!

Music Meme

I love fruit - if I could I think I might live on it ... so, thank you teragramm for my lovely gift ... now I can help myself whenever I open up my LJ!

And, I have time to do one of two memes that I have.   This first is a music meme -

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions

so kaczurda gave me the letter B

Bad - James Marsters
Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley
Bye Bye Love - Everly Brothers
Brothers in Arms - Dire Staights
Begin the Beguine - Ella Fitzgrald
and an extra - Blocking Brainwaves - Ghost of the Robot

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Spuffy - Mine/Champion

BtVS Icons

Guess what? 

Yes, I've been busy today ... one advantage of watching a show regularily and readin about it means that as you read the prompts it is often easier to think which episode you need.  Of course there is a downside, in that if you like a show you want to do the characers justice ... and that doesn't always work!

Anyway, here is my entry for round 16 of whedon20in20 ... with 3 teasers here -

Whedonverse round 16     Whedonverse round 16    Whedonverse round 16

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