November 2nd, 2010

James - my name

What A Day Yesterday

I started off with the Good News to pass on to you all ... and am still stunned at a nomination.

Then the day went downhill!

As the day progressed I realised my cough was back - the one the physiotherapist has been working hard to clear .... then I noticed how sore my eye was - so an appointment at the doctors was grabbed - and I now have anti-biotics.  And, although I don't believe in the "rule of 3s" I found it true yesterday when a good friend had worrying news about their much loved doggy.


Still today is another day - my eye is sore, but the sight was well enough that I could do the (almost) 2 hour drive for my physio appointment this morning ... She was happier abbout my progress than I was - this has been part of my problem, when I discovered that my breathing pattern was wrong (in that I had reversed the function of my diaphragm) I was annoyed and stunned that I couldn't even do something as simple as breathing!

She has given me a new exercise ... in 2 parts.

a)  I have to listen to "books on tape" - How about that I can honestly say that I listen to James, cos my specialist told me to!
b)  I have to read something aloud slowly every day.
So hopefully that will get rid of the cough again - I've had it 15+ years ... but over the last 6 months it had all but stopped ... so I must focus on that.

Well, I must get on and do some icons for the many comps I'm doing ... and I want to get a bit more of the fic written so I can "annoy" my Beta with that.

Hope that you are all having a good day.
Adventure before dementia

Film Meme - Day 2 ... Just Catching Up With Missing Days

Day 01 - Sequel that should not have been made ... The Trail of the Pink Panther

Day 02 - Movie that you think more people should see

The film I have chosen doesn't have a You Tube link - so you just get a photograph of "the" star!  The film is Moonshot, and is about the landing on the moon of Apollo 11.

I chose it, not just because it's James, but it shows the sheer tenacity of human spirit ... Those men were brave, clever ... and mad!  Their wives had a tough life, as well.

When you see it, you are reminded that man got to the moon using their brains ... no major computers ... and no guarantee that they would return.  How's that for a positive show of the true meaning of human spirit.


For me, I watched the event in my back garden with mum and dad ... and 40 years later, I watched the film with Mum and dad ... and without them knowing who the actor was who portrayed Buzz ldrin!

Day 03 - Favorite Oscar-nominated movie from most recent ballot ... Pride and Prejudice
Day 04 - Movie that makes you laugh every time ... Carry On, Up The Khyber
Day 05 - Movie you loathe ... Meet The Spartans
Day 06 - Movie that makes you cry every time ... Gone With The Wind
Day 07 - Least favorite movie by a favorite actor or actress ... P.S. I Love You
Day 08 - Movie that should be required high school viewing ... Gallipoli ...&... All Quiet On The Western Front
Day 09 - Best scene ever ... Pellet with the Poison, from The Court Jester
Day 10 - A movie you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving ... Lethal Weapon
Day 11 - A movie that disappointed you ... Twilight
Day 12 - Best soundtrack/background music in a scene ... Snow White ... & ... Prince of Egypt
Day 14 - Favorite film in black and white ... Some Like It Hot
Day 15 - Best musical - Guys & Dolls
Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure movie ... Still to decide - LOL
Day 17 - Favorite series of related movies - Star Wars
Day 18 - Favorite title sequence ... Operation Peticoat
Day 19 - Best movie cast ... Around the World in 80 Days
Day 20 - Favorite kiss ... To Catch a Thief
Day 21 - Favorite romantic couple ... Groucho & Margaret ... and ... Fred & Ginger
Day 22 - Favorite final scene/line ... Some like It Hot
Day 23 - Best explosion or action scene ... Lethal Weapon 3
Day 24 - Quote you use most often ... "Wind & Rain ... from The Longest Day
Day 25 - A movie you plan on watching (old or new) ... Mamma Mia
Day 26 - Freakishly weird movie ending ... Still to decide - LOL
Day 27 - Best villain ... Arsenic and Old Lace
Day 28 - Most overhyped movie ... E.T.
Day 29 - Movie you have watched more than ten times ... Wonder Man
Day 30 - Saddest Death Scene ... The Way To The Stars
Day 31 - Scene that made you stand up and cheer ... Apollo 13


Son of a preacher man.

Getting To Know You Meme - Day 3

Day 01 - Introduction
Day 02 – Your first love, in great detail

Day 03 – Your parents, in great detail

I'm sure you have all read a lot about Mum and Dad over the last few years - and, in fact, on their last birthdays I did a mini life story about them - here and here

So, what can I say?

I love them both, and hate seeing them get feeble, and their increasing age is increasing their stubborness.  However, even tough they are both in their 80s, they both have computers, last year the 3 of us went to Albania and Corfu, they both still play the piano.  They both still garden, and recently re-decoarted their breakfast room.  So, although they are showing their age, they also are "keeping going".

Dad had no love and support at home (my nickname for his mother is "The Android"), so dad, being of his generation can't tell yu he loves you - yet he would walk through fire for us.  And, you sit down in an evening, a cup of tea is soon made.  He left school at 14, served in The Home Guard, yet I went to his PhD graduation just before he went to my osteopathic one - and then 2 years ago had a book published o  The Revaltion.  I am very proud of him - one sweet, truly honest, man.

Mum had lots of love, but was babyfied and smothered ... and sadly as she gets older the more she does that to us 3 (and me especially).  She has had a couple of nervous breakdowns,a nd her self-confidence is non existant ... yet you should have seen the wedding dresses whe made for my sis-in-laws ... and the cakes she has decoarted in the past.  She refuses to give in - refuses to admit she is (maybe) getting older - which brings it's own problems, yet that positive attitude is truly wonderful to see.

They are a lovely couple of people.

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James - I'm a fan

More Icons ... More James Icons!

I have completed my first of the 20's for this month ... wonder why I did these lot first!

These are for Round 2 of versus20in20 and are in a blonde v brunette competition ... Guess which brown haired celeb I decided to make icons about ... Hang on to the shock, but, yes, I decided to make icons of James!

Here are 3 teasers -

James Marsters - Versus20in20 - Round 2    James Marsters - Versus20in20 - Round 2    James Marsters - Versus20in20 - Round 2

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