October 14th, 2010

James - buzz cut & name.

I Iz Meme-ing

Yes, I know, I have questions to answer ... but I am still thinking about them ... thank you jaded_jamie  ... you are making my brain ache!

So, while thinking, and rather than do my final set of 20in20 icons I thought I would do this "traditional" Q&A Meme that I snagged from kaczurda -

-Name: Deborah
- Single or taken: Single
- Sex: Female
- Birthday: 24th June, in the last upsidedown year ... until 6009 
- Sign: Cancer
-Hair color: Ummm - can't remember the name on the box!!  I'm now grey, but cheating!  Brown-ish colour, I'm not brave enough to do another colour. 
- Eye color: Blue
- Height: 5'7"
- Orientation: Straight

Collapse )

Well, I ought to get on and think more about Jamie's questions!  However I think having done this, you will have to wait for those!  Oh, I have another James song on my player - the Moonshot one.