October 6th, 2010

Cary Grant - gagged

Film Meme - Day 27

Day 01 - Sequel that should not have been made ... The Trail of the Pink Panther
Day 02 - Movie that you think more people should see ... Still to decide - LOL
Day 03 - Favorite Oscar-nominated movie from most recent ballot ... Pride and Prejudice
Day 04 - Movie that makes you laugh every time ... Pride and Prejudice
Day 04 - Movie that makes you laugh every time ... Carry On, Up The Khyber
Day 05 - Movie you loathe ... Meet The Spartans
Day 06 - Movie that makes you cry every time ... Gone With The Wind
Day 07 - Least favorite movie by a favorite actor or actress ... P.S. I Love You
Day 08 - Movie that should be required high school viewing ... Gallipoli ...&... All Quiet On The Western Front
Day 09 - Best scene ever ... Pellet with the Poison, from The Court Jester
Day 10 - A movie you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving ... Lethal Weapon
Day 11 - A movie that disappointed you ... Twilight
Day 12 - Best soundtrack/background music in a scene ... Snow White ... & ... Prince of Egypt
Day 14 - Favorite film in black and white ... Some Like It Hot
Day 15 - Best musical - Guys & Dolls
Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure movie ... Still to decide - LOL
Day 17 - Favorite series of related movies - Star Wars
Day 18 - Favorite title sequence ... Operation Peticoat
Day 19 - Best movie cast ... Around the World in 80 Days
Day 20 - Favorite kiss ... To Catch a Thief
Day 21 - Favorite romantic couple ... Groucho & Margaret ... and ... Fred & Ginger
Day 22 - Favorite final scene/line ... Some like It Hot
Day 23 - Best explosion or action scene ... Lethal Weapon 3
Day 24 - Quote you use most often ... "Wind & Rain ... from The Longest Day
Day 25 - A movie you plan on watching (old or new) ... Mamma Mia
Day 26 - Freakishly weird movie ending ... Still to decide - LOL

Day 27 - Best villain

There are a lot of famous villains, Dracula being one, but I haven't chosen a vampire, I've chosen a film that has more villains than non-villains.

In Arsenic and Old Lace, we have Raymond Massey as the Frankenstein-like brother of the hero, and he has a travelling companion played by Peter Lorre ... then there are the rest of the hero's family ... they are all scary and mad ... and I don't know which is worst!

Here is a clip of 2 of them (btw, Cary Grant is the hero)

A great film ... and the icon was made for me from this film!

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You Know The Phrase ...

... There's Good News ... And There's Better News!!

Yes, for those who read my disater on Monday of my dead fridge, there has been a new developement in the story!

I couldn't get a 2nd hand one locally, so shopped on-line and was getting one delivered tomorrow.

Now, when the item died over the W/E there was still some power in the freezer bit, so I left that running in the hope some of the food would be saved ... I may have a healthy appetite ... but not that good.  Anyway, yesterday, I went to get the milk out of the fridge (I had been buying a one pint at a time) ... and it was cool!  Yes, I checked, everything was working again - so, I've cancelled the order, and got the confirmation of a refund!


Added to that, I have good news for Jiffy ... petzipellepingo and strikske sent him a pair of Yorkies to play with ... isn't he lucky! 

Thank you.
Adventure before dementia

Ghost Of The Robot

I just loved the film - and loved the song James wrote while filming it ... so just had to share the link of James, Sullivan and the rest of Ghost of the Robot playing "Moonshot"

And for those who would like to see a couple of pictures ... here are some that the superb mad_brilliant_  took at the event -


One very proud daddy -


"This Band Rocks" -

Jiffy - head tilt!

Jiffy Is A Lucky Boy

Earlier I thanked 2 friends for his friends that arrived on my profile - now I must thatnk louise39 as well.

Added to that he is socially busy this week - vets yesterday ... it's a treat for him to go and see Marni ... and today he has haircut ... but Jackie takes 3 hours and he has the "full works" ... so he is lucky.

How come my parent's Westie has more fun than I do?