September 17th, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday ...


Birthday Graphics

Hope that you have a great day - a day of peace and love.

Wishing you a great year - that life will feel positive, that your writing will continue, and you will find the happinedd you are searching for.
Thank You ... James!

Thank You

... To the kind person who gave me a lunchbox ... Fridays are always a rush for me as I change from here to Mum & Dads ... so great to not have to worry about getting that meal.
Adventure before dementia


... I have just realised how much I liked this show.

Tim gave me money on my PayPal account for having them to stay ... with strict instructions to have fun ... so I bought some DVDs ... and got some Stargate SG1 series - and it's great being able to see them again.


Mind you - when watching something today on TV, they were advertising Hawaii Five 0 ... but on a channel I don't have - so that was annoying ... James is in the pilot, and I won't get to see it, at this rate.